The Barmix Story

Barmix is a brand developed and managed by the Attican group. Initially the Barmix idea was supply the market with products related to bar and kitchen combining quality with a modern visual concept. With the success of the brand the group decided to expand the line following the standard adopted.

Our Inspiration

Barmix is a young brand that combines practicality and sophistication in its product line. The design is thought taking into account aspects such as functionality, ease of use and visual sensitivity. Thus the goal is to generate good experiences and satisfaction to the user.


The new Attican's product arrived to make life easier for those who want to keep a practical and healthy lunch.

Thinking about the difficulty to have healthy and fast meals outside, the Attican launched Hango Lunch Bag. Hango is a thermal bag that combines the convenience you need to carry your own food with a modern and elegant design which lets you use your bag anywhere.

Its high performance thermal insulation will keep your meals and snacks at the ideal temperature for a longer time.


Black Iron Tools signifies elegance and strength. It represents the main characteristics of the products under this niche and stays true when we say, "Grace under pressure". It's Black Iron and it is perfect.


Just like Iron, our products launched with this brand are versatile and it is made out of heavy duty material. They are made durable so it can withstand nature's normal deteriorating mechanisms. They've been efficiently designed to avoid stress while using it outdoors.